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Welcome to HealthShire. After months of development we are finally ready to lauch our first version of HealthShire. We hope you take the time to peruse the site and get familiar with it. HealthShire is an online community of listings of mental health professionals as well as up to date brain disease and treatment information.

HealthShire was conceived by mental health professionals realizing the poverty of comprehensive information on mental health services in any community on or off the internet. The internet allows for convenient access to the most widespread and up-to-date mental health information anywhere. Taking advantage of this resource will bridge existing gaps in mental health services and awareness. Provider databases will be managed by providers themselves allowing them to provide the most accurate and recent information about their professional services. Core disease information on HealthShire will be provided by experts in the field assuring the accuracy of the medical information.

Providers are encouraged to create and update existing profiles. Profiles will include dozens of data points from clinic location, hours, specialties, education, methods of payment and insurance accepted, among others. Providers will also be encouraged to write brief blog articles on their services and treatment modalities as well as views in mental health. This will allow providers to further define their specialty increasing odds consumers will find a proper match with a provider. Blog articles will also increase the knowledge base on HealthShire. This will also encourage cross-communication among providers about views and developments in mental health.

Anyone looking for mental health services can receive information on how to search for providers. While not intended to replace diagnosis and treatment, there will be information on disease states, screening tools and considerations of treatment options. Seeking mental health services for the first time can be daunting. For this, HealthShire will provide guidance on understanding how to seek out service and what to expect.

Again, welcome to HealthShire. We hope you like what you see and find what you are looking for. Continue to return to the site as information and resources will continue to grow and develop. We welcome feedback as well. If you have ideas or comments, please drop us a line.

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HealthShire is an online mental health resource. We help patients find local mental health services and aid mental health professionals with marketing, mental health news and business support.

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