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2002 Loma Linda University


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Dr. Reuben Sutter

Psychiatrist in Albuquerque, NM

Dr. Sutter is a general practice psychiatrist. He treats general adult conditions as well as special interest in addictions, eating disorders and treatment resistant depression.

About Dr. Sutter

I approach patient care looking at the whole person. From a medical perspective, this includes a mix between optimizing physical health and achieving stability in mental health.  People come to our clinic facing acute and chronic challenges to their sense of whole person wellbeing. The stress they have suffered has led to emotional discord and erosion in coping.  My goal is to work as a team with patients and their loved ones and advocates to figure out the physical, medical, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions that need attention to attain that balance again.

As Medical Director of Sage Neuroscience Center I strive to engage medical care from the perspective of least drastic means.  Basically this means striving for the treatment that can effect the greatest change with the lowest risk of side effects and the lowest medication burden. This starts by first encouraging support, self care, personal wellness and therapy as means to reinstate wellness and balance.  Too often things seem farther along.  Then I proceed with heath status, sleep quality and basic medications to treat the condition at hand.  It is only after these options have failed (with us or elsewhere) we proceed to more aggressive care with stronger medications and interventions.

Through all of the care provided in our clinic, we strive to have the patient and/or loved one as the central part of the team and the primary decision maker.  Treatment will have much less effect if the person or people it is for are not fully aware and engaged.

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Fax: 505-884-3004
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