In need of help

facebook_-392149555I have been on oxycontin 60 mg and Percocet 30 mg for 5 year’s now. I am asking for help because this has taken over my life and I just wanna go back to my normal life. This has stopped me from doing everything that i was able to do before on my own and with my children. I have tried to do this on my own and I just can’t do it. I went th

rough a really ruff time. When all of this was going on I have suffered from depression so bad and I feel I have let my children down.

I wanna be able to do the things with my children like I did before.

My children are my world and I know i have let them down. I had to learn how to walk and talk again and thst wasn’t very easy. I am a very nervous person now and it has been a big change for me.

Please HELP me be my normal self again.

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