Friday Roundup – High-5 to DSM-5, Gangs Need Love Too, New Diagnostic Device for ADHD, and Don’t Retire Just Yet

This week’s articles highlight the positive reception of the DSM-5, the prevalence of mental illness among gang members, a new diagnostic tool for ADHD in children, retirement and its relationship to Alzheimer’s, and recovery assessment tools to measure patient change.

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Friday Roundup – Government Doin’ The Right Thing, Brain Imaging for Childhood Depression, New Indication for Bipolar Medication, and Web-Based Therapeutic Interventions: #effective

In this week’s news: APA President speaks about concerns on government and mental health care, brain imaging may identify childhood depression, new medication for treating bipolar depression, and efficacy of web-based interventions.

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Friday Roundup – I Will Turn This Car Around Right Now!, Janie Don’t Got a Gun, and PTSD Variation

This week’s articles focus on the negative effects of sibling bullying, opposition to the proposed privacy rule for gun background checks, fibromyalgia being an independent condition from depression, and the complex nature of PTSD development.

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