Friday Roundup – Cheetos and Child Depression, Expanding Medicaid without Expanding Services, and Arterial Spinning

This week’s roundup features articles on the link between poor diet during pregnancy and childhood mental disorders, how the expansion of medicaid affects accessibility to services, and how monitoring blood flow can help diagnose bipolar disorder.

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It’s 10pm: Do You Know Where Your Stalker Is, THC in Anxiety Therapy, and Stop Calling Your Kids Fat

This week’s roundup highlights the perils of stalking in the psychiatric field, the role cannabinoids play in anxiety therapy, how not to talk to your children about weight issues, and again the evolutionary importance of cooperation.

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Friday Roundup – New Depression Medication, Homicide and Mental Illness, and Decreased Suicide Rates with Decreased Number of Guns. Oh, and Mice.

In this week’s news: a new medication for depression approved by the FDA, the link between psychiatric illness in those who commit homicide, false memories implanted into mice, and the link between decreased rates in suicide and decreased availability of guns.

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