A Life in Hell

telling-breaking-addictionI don’t really know where to start, I grew up the youngest of 4 kids, I wasn’t abused and no major problems. Played sports had lots of friends, did ok in school. Use drugs recreationally in high school. Moved to Florida to go to diving academy. Graduated and was hired by diving company, loved my job, traveled a lot. After 3 years I advanced to Team Leader, making lots of money, I was on top of the world. That was the beginning of my spiral down. The drugs continued to become to most important thing in my life, eventually I couldn’t perform my job and lost it. Tried Rehab, but it was more for my family than me.

I came out of rehab, stole from my family and continued back on herion. Moved in with my sister and her friend helped me find a job. I tried to get off drugs by going to a dr to get buprofinine or Suboxone, but after a while it seemed easier to get herion instead. I was fired from my job. I have no car, no job and no place to go as my sister has had it. My parents won’t let me come home. I love my family and can’t stand the way I treat them. I made bad mistakes and they have owned me.

This is my last attempt, I saw your ad on line when I was looking for any kind of indigent help, every place has told me they are full or they cost. Please help me…


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